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The Rolling Stones - Angry

The Rolling Stones - Angry

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Product Description

Add a dash of style and a touch of magic to your space with our unique "Angry" by The Rolling Stones Soundwave Poster. This collection of artistic renderings showcases the song's unique soundwave in an array of captivating styles. From a vibrant white canvas revealing a window into an orange-yellow background with a stylish soundwave, to a more subtle white canvas that opens into a dark background featuring a golden soundwave. We also offer a chic version with a white canvas that peels back to reveal an off-white textured background with a stylish dotted gradient soundwave.

Product Information

Dimension Options: Available in two sizes - 45x60cm and 60x90cm
Material: Printed on a high-quality matte 250g paper
Caution: Frame not included

For optimal longevity, we recommend framing the poster behind glass to protect it from dust and sun-induced fading. Avoid direct contact with water and when necessary, gently remove dust with a dry cloth.

Order now and experience how this unique poster infuses your room with a musical aura!

About Printawave:
We're a trio of tech enthusiasts from the Netherlands, Sweden, and the USA, with a deep love for music and an unwavering commitment to crafting the most beautiful soundwave posters imaginable.

Supported by two incredibly talented freelancers, we're dedicated to quality, sustainability, and providing unparalleled support. Whether you’re looking for a unique soundwave poster to show off your favorite song or searching for a truly memorable gift for someone special, rest assured that Printawave will help you. With our team of skilled and passionate professionals supporting you every step of the way, your Printawave experience is certain to be nothing short of exceptional.

Best regards,
Thijs, Lennard, Bjorn, and Jasper.
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