Who is behind Printawave

Printawave is an international team effort. The product was envisioned, and dreamed up by 🇸🇪Bjorn Thorstensson during Covid-19, designed by 🇳🇱Jasper Kalle.

Then executed and operated by 🇳🇱Thijs de Zoete, built and implemented by 🇳🇱Lennard Meijer.

And then there are a plethora of people to thank for their endless support and great feedback over the course of 2 years, sadly we don't have room for them here, but you'll always be in our hearts. Thank you! You know who you are!

Thijs continues to be the CEO of Printawave, if you reach out, he'll most likely be the one to respond to your queries.

Thijs de Zoete

👋🏻 Groeten, Hejdå


Why Printawave Exists
We were born to make you happy. Human nature will always have its moments of gold and flashes of light. That’s why Printawave is here to help you celebrate good times, come on! Let’s commemorate them through eye-catching wall art. Lean on us when you need to capture it all through song and sound.

We strive to offer our customers affordable prices, sustainably printed and shipped high-quality waveform art, and the widest selection of customizations for music and sound posters.


To be a truly global provider of waveform prints by ensuring we have something for everyone.

Printawave Values

At Printawave, we value the best things in life. We want to help you celebrate unforgettable moments and moments you don't want to forget. Immortalizing these snapshots of time in song lets us spread love, happiness, and warm feelings, wo-o-o feelings!

Let’s Get Sustainable, Sustainable

We are the ones who make a brighter day, so let’s start healing the world, one environmentally friendly poster at a time!

  • Forest Stewardship Council

    See the FSC® logo around our paper and packaging? This means the poster you have in your hands is made from sustainably sourced materials - guaranteed. Our frames and poster hangers might not be FSC-certified, but we go to great lengths to ensure that they meet the same sustainability standards.

  • Local Production Whenever Possible

    Carbon emissions are a no-go here at Printawave (wherever possible). In order to reduce our carbon footprint, we’ve partnered up with over 100 printers in more than 30 countries. This means not only faster printing and shipping for you, but fewer packages leaving on a jet plane and polluting the world.

  • 67% less carbon emissions per order

    When you Printawave, you join us in being environmentally responsible. Because 85% of our orders get printed and delivered in the same country as our customers. This cuts shipping distances by a whopping 3445km (2140 miles) per order.

    That’s as far as London to Cairo. Iceland to Ukraine. Phoenix to New York. (If geography isn’t your thing - it’s a lot!)