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Printawave lets you customize high-quality, Scandinavian inspired soundwave prints of your favourite songs.


Create your very own Wonderwall of simply the best soundwave posters. Now all those songs that mean something special, something stupid, or the start of something new can remind you of such sweet memories, Oh!
Want to give a little love but you can’t get no satisfaction with other gift ideas? Don’t worry, be happy because we got you, babe! We will, we will wall art you with tons of truly customizable options.

all work and no play makes jack a dull boy

Print your favourite game soundtrack

You can always print your favourite soundtracks and songs from your favourite game and décor your gaming setup wall.

Design Yours

When you print a wave with Printawave

You got 99 reasons to print right now and the cool design is just one


We are a people company, we celebrate your incredible stories of love and strength, bring you together, and help you celebrate your loved ones too.


We help you create beautiful Scandinavian decor that fits in any home through an effortless design experience. You are unique.


We reduce carbon emissions by 67% by producing your prints at a facility local to you. Your posters are thoughtfully printed on high-quality, FSC-certified paper.

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The perfect present

Does your mother know you are thinking of her? Got some long-lost pals blessing the rains down in Africa? To any friend, for all occasions. You are giving someone music, home decor, and old memories; while making new ones.

Premium products

Premium products: We print on environmentally friendly, high-quality paper (Premium grade 170 gsm)

The best support

Superb customer support: All questions answered, every problem individually handled.

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