About Printawave

Printawave was born out of a dream during Covid-19, brought to life by a dedicated international team. Our mission? To help you celebrate life's golden moments and flashes of light through unique, eye-catching wall art. With Printawave, you can create custom soundwave prints of your favorite songs, transforming them into unforgettable memories that you can see as well as hear.

At Printawave, we believe in sustainability and aim to make a brighter day. Our posters are made from sustainably sourced materials and we work with local printers wherever possible to reduce carbon emissions. With us, you're not only getting a beautiful piece of art but also helping to make a positive impact on the world.

Join us in celebrating unforgettable moments, spreading love and happiness, and making a difference – one environmentally friendly poster at a time.

  • Unique

    Each Printawave artwork is as unique as the song it represents.

  • High-Quality

    Our prints are high-quality, ensuring your artwork will stand the test of time.

  • Decor

    Transform any space with personalized art that sparks conversations.


At Printawave, we believe in sustainability and aim to make a brighter future. Our prints are sustainably sourced and produced to help protect our planet. With every poster purchase, we make a contribution to #TeamTrees, actively participating in the global effort to combat deforestation.

Our posters are crafted using materials sourced sustainably, ensuring that we prioritize the environment in our production process.

We also make it a point to collaborate with local printers whenever feasible, minimizing carbon emissions and supporting our local communities.

By choosing our products, you not only acquire a stunning work of art but also contribute to making a meaningful difference in the world.

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