Support and Frequently Asked Questions

What Does The FAQ Say?
Have a question we haven’t answered? Check out our frequently asked questions below and save yourself an email.


Images don't have the right color anymore?!
No stress! There are multiple options you can do to get return to normalcy.
  • Check if the Hue is set (You can do that on the 3rd icon from the page design, which is where you'll see a tripod and a canvas. If you scroll down below the text settings there are a few sliders that severely control how colors behave. Default settings for these are:
    • Hue: 0
    • Brightness: 1
    • Contrast: 0
  • If you are still experimenting, you can go back to the first section (the CD image), and select another style. This will reset colors and you will be good to go.


When can I expect my order?
Your order details will be emailed to you. The order can be shipped by DHL or BudBee, check your spam filter for a message from one of them first.


Can I return my order?
All orders are uniquely created masterpieces, however, we cannot take any returns as they are unique to you. More information about this can be found in our return policy.


Do you have giftcards?
We wish! No we don't offer giftcards at the time. Do reach out to us if you are looking to buy multiple posters or gifts for your company for example. We do have semi-regular giveaways on our social channels, so head on over to our Instagram if you're looking for the occasional freebie.


Can I send one giftwrapped?
No, sadly we are not able to do anything creative with the packaging. We can recommend you some cool giftwrap paper, but it's not something Printawave can do before shipping your order. 😢


What location will my order be shipped from?
We try to print as close to you as possible without losing quality of the print, and ensuring the posters are as identical as they can be should they be ordered from another place. There are about 30 locations globally from which we strategically ship. We don't print everything ourselves, instead, we work with a company to help us find the best and environmentally friendly way to make sure Printawave contributes to climate change rather than impact it.


Will you add new fonts and looks?
For sure! We'll keep adding styles and new features to create the absolute most awesome poster builder you can ever imagine!


Help! Do you need somebody?

Need to get in touch? The Printawave team is always ready and willing to lend a hand. Submit a request by filling in this form and we’ll get back to you within 48 hours.