Print Your Soundwave Poster

Print Your Soundwave Poster

Customize to your style. Personalize for anyone.

Do you remember the time when you fell in love? Maybe when you felt the heat with somebody. Perhaps when you had that last first kiss.

Don’t you remember those moments as father and son? The day you had a tiny dancer of your own. How watching that sleeping child broke your once elastic heart.

Whether you want to create a Wonderwall of musical memories, express your charisma, uniqueness, nerve and talent; or make your gift your song - Now, you can!

Quick facts

  • Free shipping over $50
  • Fast shipping anywhere in the world
  • Gift customization: Leave a note, omit the receipt, get delivery updates
  • Premium products: We print on environmentally friendly, high-quality paper (Museum grade 200 gsm)
  • Superb customer support: All questions answered, every problem individually handled.

When you print a wave with Printawave, you get:

Seamless User Experience

Whether you’re adding your song from Spotify, uploading your own sound clip, or customizing your colors, text, image, and size; it’s so intuitive. Some would even say easy like Sunday morning.

Any Song (or Sound) You Want

Choose from millions of songs. Record and immortalize your loved ones’ voices in art. Yes, even a meow or a bark!

Fully Customizable

Choose from linear or radial designs. Paint your print with all the colors of the wind. Use one of our hand-designed most popular styles, or craft your own. Write a message from the heart. Add in a picture from a special moment.

Simply The Best Gift

Does your mother know you are thinking of her? Got some long-lost pals blessing the rains down in Africa? To any friend, for all occasions. You are giving someone music, home decor, and old memories; while making new ones.

Edgy Modern Minimalism

Express your style in Scandinavian simplicity with a twist and shout. You make it your own with colors that pop or hues that soothe.

How to Printawave

From Spotify to Song on your wall

Our process is designed to be as simple and straightforward as possible.

Step 1: Select Your Song

Search for your song on Spotify. Copy the URL and paste it in. Too easy. Want to use your own clip? Just upload it from your phone or computer.

Step 2: Customize Your Art

Choose one of our most popular styles or design your own. Your wave is on canvas and ready to be customized. You can play around with the waveform style and elements. Straight or round, thickness and height - you pick. Get creative by coloring it in solid or gradient colors with our color picker. Next, fill in the artist and song name. Have a personal, secret, or special message? This is the place to pour your heart out in 160 characters!

Step 3: Size and Frame Your Print

Finalize your size and decide your frame color. We have lots of physical frames and poster hangers to choose from. Whether you like a clean white, natural wood finish, a modern metallic, or stark black; we’ve got something to match every room.

Step 4: Add to Cart and Pay

Wahay! You’re almost done! Just “Add to Cart” and check out. Your print will be with you in approximately 7-10 business days.