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What happens when you order a poster?

It gets delivered.

No but seriously. There are a few things that are important to take into account when you decide to order your poster with us (Thank you if you're considering!).


0. Automatically sent to Printer Company

When an order is placed, the poster is automatically sent to our printing partner (Gelato), where it will sit as a draft order until we make absolutely clear every detail of the poster is in perfect condition.


1. Manual order confirmation

The first one in the team who has a moment will manually verify the posters digital quality, checking for rendering artifacts. Custom posters are first created on your device, that means sometimes things may not work out - after all. It's software we're talking about. Working with large files, gradients and vector lines can sometimes result in some pixels not being in the right spot.

This is just us being extremely cautious initially. We want to make sure we deliver the quality we promise.


2. Fulfillment starts

Once manual checks are done, the order is confirmed and the printing process starts. We can't really update you on the progress here yet, but rest assured, we'll keep a close eye on the process!


3. Shipping by Gelato

Gelato will do their own quality checks, and then ship the poster, with good, sturdy packaging so no poster-harm can be done during the shipment phase.

This is also the moment we receive a tracking code. That tracking code will be sent to you via email, as well as updated on your order confirmation page so you can keep track of where the poster is. A shipping code also means that there will be an estimate of when your poster will be arriving at your door! 🎉


4. Opening your package

Always make sure you take some photos of how the package arrived and preferably when you open the box, just to make sure that when the poster arrives damaged, you'll have some material to send us so we can appeal to Gelato should a refund/reshipment need to happen. It's highly unlikely, but better safe than sorry. We have a shipping and refund policy which we recommend you look at before ordering.

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